Freitag, 17. Februar 2012

mijkfunk on Resident Advisor

Now there's a mijkfunk page on the crucial web service Resident Advisor.
You are most welcome to follow it for all updates on my NuFunk stuff.
So what is it that mijkfunk is and that Mijk van Dijk is not?
I grew up with that great Funk sound of the early 80s.
That was the golden aera of the Boogie as well as a breakthrough for artists like Prince and that whole Minneapolis sound.
In those days I was playing the bass in a youth Funk band called "Joystick" in my hometown. Although I was the only bass player in my hometown who could slap and pop the bass in a Funk style, I was so convinced of electronic sounds, that I also bought a Moog Prodigy to play those amazing Boogie bass lines in our live shows. Our percussionist Jürgen also got a Boss Handclapper and we felt that we almost sounded like a real American Electro Funk band. ;-)
After moving to Berlin, I bought my first drum machine to program those Electronic Funk grooves, but soon had to find out that a Roland TR-505 is not a Linn Drum.
A year later Acid-House hit Berlin and I was sucked into the House and Techno groove.
The TR-505 being a stripped-down version of the TR-707 and TR-727 was a nice machine for House beats and so it was a great start into my career as Techno and House producer.
But my passion for Funk never faded and so I am happy to finally revisit my first love in music, The Funk with a radioshow on called "Motherfunk" and my own digital imprint nuFunkFiles under my second artist name mijkfunk! How does it sound like? Check on my Mixcloud!
I reckon I have been a bit lazy on this blog. Say no more: I'm gonna change that! So stay tuned for more mijkfunk info and gossip!

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