Sonntag, 29. Juli 2012

nuFF on the beach

nuFunkFiles wishes all of you perfect summer holidays, wherever you may be!

Freitag, 13. April 2012

Dienstag, 10. April 2012

Amazing DJ feedback on nuFF 003

One week before Manscape's debut "Tool" goes live on major download shops, here's a round-up of the nice DJ feedback so far.
Thanks for all the love!
And here's what it sounds like: manscape - TOOL.

Eli Goldstein (Soul Clap): Hey guys, really nice instrumentals. you really re-create that boogie sound. please send :)

Ian Pooley: "Massive feelgood Track from Mijk , will be included on my Summer 2pm DJ Mix !"

Pitchben (Compost): "great EP, love the vintage touch and synths - really dig the Mijkfunk Boogie Remix!"

Michael Reinboth (Compost): Excellent nu boogie electro , like it.“

Opolopo (Tokyo Dawn Records): Nice boogie bangers - I'm bringing out my Jane Fonda videos for this! ;-)

Munk (Gomma): coooool. Thanks.

Kolombo (LouLou Players): Nice tool indeed!... will play it out!

Shir Khan (Exploited Records): The hook is really fresh, sounds like from a different time. Berlin late 80s Funk.

Jack Tennis (Berlin Battery): nice one, the original is my fav.!

Florian Schirmacher (Wareika/ The Chaenge): The Balearic Remix and Boogie Tool Remix are ace! A pleasure to dance with that sound! 

Till von Sein (Suol): nice fave is the boogie tool mix..balaearic also nice!

Daniel Dexter (PokerFlat): Good EP, I like most Balearic and Boogie Tool. Nice oldschool flair.

André Crom (OFF Recordings): Cool package, full support. original mix is my favourite.

Nhan Solo (Mother Recordings): Yes, yes, yes...back to old school, loving the whole EP!

Taan Newjam: Thanks for the tool. My favourite ist he Balearic Mix.

Kalle Kuts (G.I. Disco): Up to date produced Electric Boogie Funk with an authentic retro vibe - this is exactly the kind of groove we love to spin at our G.I. DISCO events and dj sets.

Simon Tappenden: It's super cool! Love the big ol' synth parts :-) with summer comin here in the UK i always hit the boogie and this fit in real nice.. can i get a copy???? x x nice one fellas x

Chen (Cosmic Funk): Sehr geil. Funky shit, FUNKY stuff, really like the Boogie Remix.

Nanthara (First Touch): „ Really cool collaboration. Sounds fresh and funky. Good choice of sounds.“

Merlyn Martin (Diversions):Good Stuff!!! Really dig the Boogie Tool – Solid“

Igor Marijuan (ibiza Sonica): Sounds great. will support it on ibiza Sonica.

nathaniel / Tronic (Dancefloor Mayhem): Great release! Really like all the mixes. The Cowley mix I can use in my deep house sets for sure. 320 mp3s are fine. Thanks much!

ED2000 ( feeling the baleariec and the boogie, but i will play all these mixes.
full support / radio / chart / dj sets,  would be great to get the full rlease, and yes please, wavs would be awesome. 8/10 second to none in this genre.

Kevin Weigel (Musikraum-e): Tool (Mijkfunk Boogie Remix): My fav Track! nice one! (Mijkfunk Boogie Tool): Big tool!

Alkalino: Boogie tool is my favorite, boogie all over..thank you!

StarlesoufsI really like the funky touch on it! „Tool" is really epic! In a nutshell the EP is really groovy and really enjoyed to listen it!

Donnerstag, 29. März 2012

nuFF003 announced! manscape! Tool EP!

Dear Friends of The Funk, 

we are very pleased to present you the third release on our little NuFunk label nuFunkFiles.
This time it's not just mijkfunk alone: I teamed up with Joshua Kirkby aka DJ Box from Sydney, a long time friend and true ambassador of the Funk in his hometown.
On a hot summer day, Mijk van Dijk and long-term friend Joshua Kirkby from Sydney sat down in Mijk’s studio in Berlin and created „Tool“, a slow boogie burner, that Mijk has been road-testing ever since in his NuFunk DJ sets. It was clear that this little gem had to be released on nuFunkFIles.
Their original recording is based around a funky keyboard break sitting tight on a slow and phunky 109 bpm groove. Yes, it’s really that slow, the groove is just so uplifting, it feels much faster. And yes, it’s the boys working the mic as well.
Mijk wanted to create a faster variation based on the sound of his boogie monsters „Funkit“ and „To The Groove“ of his „Kids Want Revolution“-EP (nuFF002) and recorded a 117 bpm corker featuring his already iconic trademark boogie bass sound. And while on it, he also pushed the variations a bit further by remixing a wonderfully relaxed Balearic version as well as a Tool Tool that lives up to the name of the track also in the purpose.
Mijk is spreading the word and sound of NuFunk in Berlin through his radio show „Motherfunk“ on, his resident night „Funkit“ at Delicious Doughnuts and his DJ sets as mijkfunk. Down under in Sydney Joshua is a missionary of the Boogie under the name DJ Box. After recruiting his local record store (SPANK Records) staffer Matthew Cowley to “do something a little different” the Matthew Cowley Remix was born. A deep Tech House melancholic dense little builder of a track – It’s a fine addition to this EP and we are proud to have Matt on board.
Despite living on opposite sides of the planet, Mijk and Joshua share their love for The Funk with the help of the social media network, celebrating every new discovery in the still young galaxy of NuFunk/ FutureBoogie/ or whatever you may wanna call it.
We hope you dig our third release on nuFunkFiles and play it, chart it, talk about it. 

Boogie down, funksters!

Montag, 26. März 2012

motherfunk on Soundcloud

Motherfunk has arrived on Soundcloud.
All the shows on have been moved to Soundcloud for your convenient listening pleasure.
All the motherfunk shows will be uploaded to this page.
Let's communicate!

Montag, 12. März 2012

motherfunk #17

motherfunk with a feature on The Original 7ven. We all loved them as the antagonists of Prince in the movie "Purple Rain" in the challenge for the coolest band in town.
Too bad, that in real life the purple one owns the trademark at "The Time". So now they are called The Original 7ven and released their great album "Condensate". Mijk van Dijk introduces the album and plays some tracks.
Of course there can't be missing a tribute to the late great Whitney Houston, who sadly passed away on February 11th 2012. And a lot of NuFunk from the likes of Lorenz Rhode, Tad Willy, Munk, Soul Clap, Sample Jack, Le Crayon and Kolombo. Also introducing Manscape, Mijk's new forthcoming release on nuFunkFiles.
Listen to it on, Tuesday March 13 at 8pm CET, Wednesday March 14 at 9 pm CET, Sunday, March 18 at 10 pm CET.
Boogie down, funksters!

Mittwoch, 7. März 2012

First mijkfunk Charts on Resident Advisor

Oh, I know, it was about time. So here's the first mijkfunk DJ charts ever on Resident Advisor.
nuFF said!

☆★ mijkfunk NuFunk Charts March 2012 ☆★

1. Oliver - Walk With Me - Kitsune
2. Only Children - Be The One - Nuclear Family
3. Golden Bug feat. Lou Teti - Play Around - Gomma Dance Tracks
4. Pinball Playfield – Sabrina OK – Black Catcher Records
5. Justin Faust- Girl Talk - Discotexas
6. Bad Rabbits - She's Bad (Gadi Mizrahi & Soul Clap Remix) - Double Standard
7. Doggy Phunk Palace - I'm Ready - Tokyo Dawn Records
8. Toomy Disco - Cheek To Cheek - So Sound Recordings
9. mijkfunk - Kids Want Revolution - nuFunkFiles
10.The Chaenge - Colour Clash - Form Resonance

Dienstag, 6. März 2012

Funkit becomes delicious

As if Mijk's Berlin based NuFunk night had not been tasty enough yet, after several nufunky sessions on the floors of Katerholzig, Ritter Butzke and Soju Bar. Now „Funkit“  has finally found a home every 2nd Wednesday of the month at legendary revamped relaunched Delicious Doughnuts, Rosenthaler Strasse 9 in Berlin-Mitte.
Kickoff is March 14th with a „mijkfunk all-night-long special“ to set the fundament of this residency at a reduced admission of only EUR 3,- Also introducing nuFF003. the latest release on Mijk's digital imprint nuFunkFiles.
Stay tooned and boogie down, funksters!

Sonntag, 19. Februar 2012

Da Booty Is Ya Duty

The very first release that explored my new vision of Funk was already released on my Teamwork album in 1999: the track "Da Booty Is Ya Duty".
It was my first and so far only collaboration with Paul M., the artist formerly known as DJ Kid Paul aka Energy 52. You all might know his classic track "Café Del Mar" that he conceived back in 1994(?) with our common friend Harald Blüchel aka Cosmic Baby.
1998, Paul had already stopped his DJ career and was most interested in Hip Hop and other slow grooves. I invited Paul to work on a downbeat track of my Teamwork album and when we sat in my studio, we more and more got caught in a Funk vibe. Nobody really understood our tune back then really. Our biggest success was when it was used as the background soundtrack in an episode of the soccer TV show "ran" on Sat1. When I heard the track I excitedly called Paul who was watching the same show.
Looking back this track has already all the elements that I love about NuFunk. So this is something like my first mijkfunk blueprint.
Hope you enjoy it!

Freitag, 17. Februar 2012

mijkfunk Set on

Tune in to Global tonight at 22pm CET for Kevin Weigel's Clubpink Hedgehog show featuring the final hour of a fresh mijkfunk DJ set recorded live on February 11th at Ritter Butzke Club in Berlin.
nuFF said: Boogie down!

mijkfunk on Resident Advisor

Now there's a mijkfunk page on the crucial web service Resident Advisor.
You are most welcome to follow it for all updates on my NuFunk stuff.
So what is it that mijkfunk is and that Mijk van Dijk is not?
I grew up with that great Funk sound of the early 80s.
That was the golden aera of the Boogie as well as a breakthrough for artists like Prince and that whole Minneapolis sound.
In those days I was playing the bass in a youth Funk band called "Joystick" in my hometown. Although I was the only bass player in my hometown who could slap and pop the bass in a Funk style, I was so convinced of electronic sounds, that I also bought a Moog Prodigy to play those amazing Boogie bass lines in our live shows. Our percussionist Jürgen also got a Boss Handclapper and we felt that we almost sounded like a real American Electro Funk band. ;-)
After moving to Berlin, I bought my first drum machine to program those Electronic Funk grooves, but soon had to find out that a Roland TR-505 is not a Linn Drum.
A year later Acid-House hit Berlin and I was sucked into the House and Techno groove.
The TR-505 being a stripped-down version of the TR-707 and TR-727 was a nice machine for House beats and so it was a great start into my career as Techno and House producer.
But my passion for Funk never faded and so I am happy to finally revisit my first love in music, The Funk with a radioshow on called "Motherfunk" and my own digital imprint nuFunkFiles under my second artist name mijkfunk! How does it sound like? Check on my Mixcloud!
I reckon I have been a bit lazy on this blog. Say no more: I'm gonna change that! So stay tuned for more mijkfunk info and gossip!

Samstag, 4. Februar 2012

The Oakland Occupy Movement

We received word from Oakland/ Californoa. The city's occupy movement celebrates their stand for freedom and justice to the sound of mijkfunk's "Kids Want Revolution". 
FunKills1969 left some amazing comments to the mijkfunk video.
We are glad that this song inspires people to fight for their rights.
Check the video at 5:28 min.
This video is also delivers great footage of the peaceful spirit of the Oakland protesters and the police fighting the crowd with teargas, rubber bullets, explosives and brute physical force.Big ups to Oakland, keep on doing what you're doing!