Sonntag, 19. Februar 2012

Da Booty Is Ya Duty

The very first release that explored my new vision of Funk was already released on my Teamwork album in 1999: the track "Da Booty Is Ya Duty".
It was my first and so far only collaboration with Paul M., the artist formerly known as DJ Kid Paul aka Energy 52. You all might know his classic track "Café Del Mar" that he conceived back in 1994(?) with our common friend Harald Blüchel aka Cosmic Baby.
1998, Paul had already stopped his DJ career and was most interested in Hip Hop and other slow grooves. I invited Paul to work on a downbeat track of my Teamwork album and when we sat in my studio, we more and more got caught in a Funk vibe. Nobody really understood our tune back then really. Our biggest success was when it was used as the background soundtrack in an episode of the soccer TV show "ran" on Sat1. When I heard the track I excitedly called Paul who was watching the same show.
Looking back this track has already all the elements that I love about NuFunk. So this is something like my first mijkfunk blueprint.
Hope you enjoy it!

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