Sonntag, 30. Januar 2011

That's What The Papers Say...

First press reactions on nuFF 001 are totally sweet.

Bleed wrote a really nice review for De:Bug (German), saying somthing like this:
"Mijk van Dijk? Really. I am surprised. And excited. The tracks really have an own vision, somewhere at the edge of Elektro and pull through their very own version of warbling Funk in such a good and elaborated way that one has to admit them to be one of the most unique pop blueprints out of Germany this year. And the magic downtempo hit "Skintight" which is one of the hymns of the year for me. I still don't get it."

Raveline from Germany already released a brief news about mijkfunk & nuFunkFiles already in October 2010.

nuFF said: "Thank you!"

Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

mijkfunk @ WOMB Japan

When Mijk van Dijk DJed at Tokyo's super club WOMB during his tour through Japan in November 2010, he was filmed by the good people from Red Bull TV for their program Night Flight, that transmits complete sets from the best DJs of the world in the best clubs in the world.
Of course it was a big honour for Mijk to be picked for such a program and it was no doubt that he had to drop one of his mijkfunk tunes during a set full of House and Techno.
And it created such a buzz!
Many thanks once again to Kana Fujimaki and a her staff at WOMB, Tim Sproten and his Red Bull TV crew and of course to everybody dancing at WOMB that night.

Freitag, 7. Januar 2011

motherfunk #3 with BIG Chomeo Special

Mijk van Dijk met Chromeo, the Montreal duo we all love, to talk with them about The Funk right before their great show at Club Maria in Berlin. Check the highlights of the interview and of course a lot of music from Chromeo, A-Trak, Zapp, Jodeci, Steely Dan, Hall & Oates and The Temptations, Opolopo and Reeno live on the net on January 11th (8pm), January 12th (9pm) and January 16th (10pm, all times CET) and after that also on demand on Listen HERE!

Dienstag, 4. Januar 2011

motherfunk #2 with Jimmy Edgar Special

For the 2nd edition of motherfunk, Mijk had the pleasure to meet Jimmy Edgar from Detroit, now located in Berlin by choice and creator of one of the master pieces of 2010-NuFunk, his great album XXX on !k7. The show was aired in December 2010 and has been moved to the on-demand-section on
Listen here, my dear!

motherfunk #1 with G.I. Disco

This is 1st edition of Mijk van Dijk's show motherfunk on and it all starts in Berlin with the cool guys of G.I. Disco, who bring back the 80s funk to the clubs to revive an almost forgotten aera of club music in Germany of the early 80s, when black G.I.s, blond German girls and some guys like young Mijk went to clubs, where the DJ would spin Funk music from the US and the UK. Daniel W.Best and Kalle Kuts are so successful with their G.I.Disco parties, they even released a compilation with their favourite 80s Funk tunes.
Listen here!

Montag, 3. Januar 2011

mijkfunk - Are Friends Digital?-EP

nuFF 001 sets the pace for things to come. mijkfunk presents the Are Friends Digital?-EP with a title track full of musical and lyrical attitude. Have our friends become just digital avatars in a world where the internet community networks seem to have taken the place of physical social intercourse? A red-hot topic boiled up by Jette von Roth’s alluring and powerful vocal performance. Boogie Down and Autumn Girl, two tracks for the NuFunk dancefloor, define the sound vision of nuFF: beats, bass lines and poly synth chords ! The forth track Skintight intentionally slows it down to a sexy 99 bpm bump-n-grind groove, displaying the other side of mijkfunk.

Released by: nuFunkFiles
Release/catalogue number: nuFF 001
Release date: Oct 8, 2010

Sonntag, 2. Januar 2011

mijkfunk at Dada Shanghai

Mijk van Dijk toured China and Japan in October/ November 2010 and played a 3-hour-NuFunk set at Dada in Shanghai, a nice must-visit club. Mijk played right after an exciting live show by LA-electro pop duo Pop Levi & Bunny Holiday and took over with some crowd pleasers before digging deep into the magic of NuFunk and 80s-Edits. Thanks to promoter Michael Nee Bing and club owner Michael Ohlsson for the warm hospitality in Shanghai. Enjoy the mixtape, comment at will!

mijkfunk NuFunk-Mix 2010

And one more from the Soundcloud archives: this mixtape is Mijk's personal NuFunk definition from Summer 2010, before establishing nuFF. Get the tracklisting from Dancefloor Mayhem, a blog that we like to follow.
And least we forget: free download!

mijkfunk live at Maria Berlin

For your pleasure, we kick off this blog with some soundfiles. First is a recording of mijkfunk's first ever live show at Club Maria in Berlin (yep, famous from that Berlin Calling movie). Watch Mijk go through all the motions of NuFunk in a fierce live set and leave a comment at Soundcloud, if you like.

Samstag, 1. Januar 2011

TESTIMONY by label founder Mijk van Dijk

I grew up with 80s Funk myself, slapping the bass in a local Funk band called Joystick (we thought that name was way cool back then....;-). Living in Berlin I bought my first drum machine in order to sound like Prince, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis but soon found out that a TR-505 is not a Linn or DMX.
Then House music hit Berlin and I turned to House and Techno, understanding them as logical step childs of electronic funk. In the late 80s and 90s I helped to create the Berlin Techno scene as we know it, contributing as a journalist, producer, live act and DJ.
In the 00s I rediscovered Funk and worked on concepts, how modern funk could sound like.
The year 2010 finally brought a new wave of NuFunk that does not match with categories like NuDisco, NuRave or Indie/ Dance anymore.
In October 2010 I established a digital label called "nuFunkFiles" and launched my new alter ego mijkfunk for the first single Are Friends Digital?, organized a party series called funkit and a radio show called motherfunk at
This blog is about NuFunk and the nuFunkFiles.
We're here!