Donnerstag, 7. April 2011

motherfunk #6 pays tribute to the great and late Loleatta Holloway

The forthcoming edition of motherfunk on will be dedicated to the late Loleatta Holloway, who died on March 21, 2011. Her songs will be with us forever, especially her voice, that has been sampled off acapella tracks more often than probably any other female singer in the world. Mijk van Dijk will spotlight some of her best originals as well as tell the story behind some of the most ridiculous sampling records. Also we shall remember Kurt Hauenstein of Supermax who passed away on March 20, 2011.
Tune in to on April 12, 8 pm CET, April 13, 9 pm CET or April 17, 10 pm or listen on-demand after the timed transmissions.


1.     Click Cick & Microbodies – Mr. Pseudo Funk
2.     Confection – You Got The Love (Reeno-Remix)
3.     Loleatta Holloway - We’re Getting Stronger
4.     Loleatta Holloway – Rainbow 71
5.     Loleatta Holloway –Can I Change My Mind
6.     Loleatta Holloway –Cry To Me
7.     Loleatta Holloway –Hit And Run
8.     Loleatta Holloway – Dreamin’
9.     Loleatta Holloway - We’re Getting Stronger (Acapella)
10. Dan Hartman – Relight My Fire (Acapella)
11. Loleatta Holloway – Love Sensation
12. Black Box – Ride On Time
13. Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch – Good Vibrations
14. House Of Venus – Dish & Tell (Club-Mix)
15. Ellis D – My Loleatta (Dish-Apella)
16. Armando – 100% Of Dissin’ You
17. Loleatta Holloway  - Mama Don’t Papa Won’t (Mama’s Mix)
18. Supermax – Love Machine
19. Supermax – Dance Dance Dance