Sonntag, 30. Januar 2011

That's What The Papers Say...

First press reactions on nuFF 001 are totally sweet.

Bleed wrote a really nice review for De:Bug (German), saying somthing like this:
"Mijk van Dijk? Really. I am surprised. And excited. The tracks really have an own vision, somewhere at the edge of Elektro and pull through their very own version of warbling Funk in such a good and elaborated way that one has to admit them to be one of the most unique pop blueprints out of Germany this year. And the magic downtempo hit "Skintight" which is one of the hymns of the year for me. I still don't get it."

Raveline from Germany already released a brief news about mijkfunk & nuFunkFiles already in October 2010.

nuFF said: "Thank you!"

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