Samstag, 1. Januar 2011

TESTIMONY by label founder Mijk van Dijk

I grew up with 80s Funk myself, slapping the bass in a local Funk band called Joystick (we thought that name was way cool back then....;-). Living in Berlin I bought my first drum machine in order to sound like Prince, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis but soon found out that a TR-505 is not a Linn or DMX.
Then House music hit Berlin and I turned to House and Techno, understanding them as logical step childs of electronic funk. In the late 80s and 90s I helped to create the Berlin Techno scene as we know it, contributing as a journalist, producer, live act and DJ.
In the 00s I rediscovered Funk and worked on concepts, how modern funk could sound like.
The year 2010 finally brought a new wave of NuFunk that does not match with categories like NuDisco, NuRave or Indie/ Dance anymore.
In October 2010 I established a digital label called "nuFunkFiles" and launched my new alter ego mijkfunk for the first single Are Friends Digital?, organized a party series called funkit and a radio show called motherfunk at
This blog is about NuFunk and the nuFunkFiles.
We're here!

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