Dienstag, 8. März 2011

Swedish Funk Dynamite

Amalia and Opolopo both released magnificient albums within the last 3 months, both produced by Peter Major aka Opolopo and both released by Munich-based Tokyo Dawn Records. 
Mijk took the opportunity to talk with both of them for the latest edition of motherfunk on BLN.fm. If you haven't stumbled upon both of them yet,  do yourselves a favour,  check the show,and fall in love with their music.


1.     Munk – Rue de Rome
2.     Amalia – Welcome To Me
3.     Opolopo – Kobayashi Maru
4.     Opolopo feat. Amalia – Life’s A Dance (After Hours Glide Mix)
5.     Sekoya – Love’s In Need
6.     Opolopo – Glide
7.     The Time – Jungle Love
8.     SOS-Band – Just Be Good To Me
9.     Amalia - Freeze That
10. Janet Jackson – Control
11. Opolopo – Ballad for Amalia
12. Amalia – 4 U
13. Amalia - Art Slave
14. Amalia - All The Funk That I Need

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